Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday with a Weekend Looming

Dinner with the family at Tony & Kara's tonight. Seth Peck and daughter Harper Lee in tow. Kara cooked coconut chicken with green beans that had been simmered with hamhocks. And some rice dish that Peck inhales like a supermodel on a coke binge. While there I raided Tony's DC comp box (I need to be on that comp list!), and we left with lunch for tomorrow.

My goodness, that Kara Fairfield can cook. If you ever get an invite, don't decline. Maybe that's what she should ebay. Dinner by Kara, zombie sketch by Tony.

This weekend is one of the first public appearances of Atomic Revolver (minus one), in Joplin, Missouri. We've been planning a fancy site launch complete with PR, but the ad firm handling our bizness is making sure they do it right. Feels kind of funny promoting an appearance by the group when we haven't been properly "announced" yet. Peck, Jason Aaron and I are driving down to Joplin together on Saturday morning. I assume Joplin's throwing us a parade upon arrival, but have yet to see that confirmed.

This will not turn into a work blog, but tonight I'm planning on finishing the first issue of my second three issue story arc for DC, as well as put the finishing touches on a pitch for a Vertigo original graphic novel that I've been tweaking with the help of Vertigo editorial for about a year (this one's been a long haul, kids), shore up some details on a future ongoing series, and continue to tweak a creator-owned pitch I'm working up with a guy that I consider to be one of the industry's real heavyweights.

Tomorrow I clean the damn house.


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