Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kansas Krazies in the news

Can't you just see this nutjob in a brownshirt with an armband?

Why couldn't he have gone in wearing a KU sweatshirt?

Kansas is a fairly moderate state, in political terms. The presence of a lot of Right Wing lunatics swings perception to the Right, but we do have a popular Democratic Governor, who swept easily into her second term, and a moderate Democrat in office as the Attorney General.

The guy he replaced, however, is a scum-sucking weasel named Phill Kline. After getting bounced (handily) from statewide office, Kline ended up here in Johnson County as the county prosector. The problem here is that Kline has one single agenda, and that's to eradicate abortion (legal or illegal abortion) by any means necessary...lying, cheating, violating civil rights...whatever it takes. Somehow the wealthiest, best educated county in the state has a single-minded zealot in the District Attorney's chair.

On the other hand, equally crazy Kansan Sam Brownback has finally seen the writing on the wall, and bailed out of the GOP presidential race. He'd shrewdly run on the notion that the nation needed to swing further to the Right...I guess assuming that the Bush administration, with its crazy Liberal leanings, was out of touch with the public. The notion that Brownback could withstand the public scrutiny that would have come with a successful campaign always made me chuckle. This guy has a lot of really weird baggage in his closet (you should hear him explain why he washed the feet of his staffers when they left his employ, or how abortion is a bad thing because it removes future contributors to Social Security), and it would have been fun to see it dragged out. Perhaps he himself would have been dragged out of the closet, as well. Luckily, no one ever noticed he was running in the first place.

Wikipedia notes:

Brownback is most known as a supporter of Christian fundamentalism despite being Catholic.[14] Brownback is a strong supporter of the traditional marriage movement and is an opponent of same-sex marriage. He has refused to state his opposition to adoption of children by gay families.[15] He is also anti-abortion in all cases, except to save the life of the mother.[16] Brownback was a cosponsor of the Constitution Restoration Act, which would have limited the power of federal courts to rule on church/state issues. Brownback told Rolling Stone that he chairs the Senate Values Action Team, an off-the-record weekly meeting of representatives from religious conservative organizations.