Thursday, April 24, 2008

Con Report Addendum

The real highlight of the con for me was bumping into Jamie McKelvie here and there, and running into Kevin Mellon a couple of times.

Those boys are handsome with their open line drawings.

I also saw Dennis Hopeless briefly. Other people I saw or met and enjoyed rubbing up against: Phil Hester, Robbi Rodriguez, Greg Thompson (though I never saw Jen), Paul Maybury, Tim Seeley, Dean Haspiel, Liz Gerhlein, Andy Serwin of Wizard, Sterling Gates, Mike Perkins, Marlin Shoop, John Lucas and Mindy (two of the absolute most amazing people associated with the comic books), Will Dennis, Pat Loika, Andy Schmidt, Lee Loughridge, Pornsak Pichetchote, Mark Sable, Alex Segura, Fletcher Chufong, Arvid Nelson, Josh Dysart, Chris Powell, Aubrey Sitterson, Josh Williams, Chris Burnham, Ian Sattler, Jim Valentino, Joe Keatinge, Traci Hui, Randy Jarrell, Joe Nozemak, Becky Cloonan (so damn good), Filip Sablik, Christos Gage, Phil Noto, David Gallaher, Rachel Gluckstern, Jeanine Schaefer, Nachie Castro, Ken Levin, and so many more.

Two regrets: I walked past Kerry Gammil sketching at a table, and wished I'd stopped to shake his hand and thank him for being nice to me when I was about ten years old at Dallas conventions. And Siuntres told me Irwin Hassen was there somewhere. Wish I'd had a copy of my Wildcat story to give to him. It's probably one of the first Wildcat stories in a long time to directly link to his original work...