Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hawaiian Dick is Rising

Griffin just sent me the art and letters for his first six page HAWAIIAN DICK backup story. The first four issues will feature Scott and my lead, and Steven's self-written backup. How can you resist?

On top of Chantler's fantastic work, this is the best stuff Griffin's ever done (guess he never needed me!). I'm sure this will irritate him, but I had to share a page. He's still working on the color, which is just flat for now, but I wanted the handful of people who check out my blog to see what we're dealing with:


Joel said...

Sweet.... Can't wait! Glad I'm slacking off looking at blogs, rather than working

Geoff said...

Very nice!! I really can't wait for Nov... except for the fact that it will be cold out. That part sucks.

Mellon said...

he really does draw as if 1969 never became 1970. (that's a compliment).

and no, he don't need you, boy!


Justin said...

Love the title trailing into the smoke. The man knows how to design, doesn't he?