Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Script to Page

Here's a page of script from the upcoming (as in very soon) HAWAIIAN DICK #5. Script by me:


Panel 1. The Thinker stands on a street corner, looking at his watch. Evening.

THINKER: It doesn’t take much dealing with the native populace to rob this place of its charm—

Panel 2. Waves at a taxi.


Panel 3. Gets in, door open, complaining.

THINKER: Good Lord. How long does a man have to stand on a corner waiting for one of these ghastly contrivances to appear—I need to be in front of the Blue Aloha in five minutes.

Panel 4. Looking sideways out the window, a look of mild surprise on his face.

THINKER: I have a meeting of importance, so despite my secure knowledge that speed is hardly of the essence in this—eh?

Panel 5. The Thinker is angry now, looking over his shoulder.

THINKER: Damn it, driver. The Blue Aloha is in the complete OPPOSITE direction. Do I have to—

Panel 6. Without turning around, the cabbie is holding up a gun so that the Thinker can see it.

CABBIE: You just have to shut up, Mr. Antonio. Shut up and enjoy the ride.

And here's the finished page, art by Scott Chantler with Steven Griffin coloring (click for a bigger view):