Monday, June 30, 2008

Billy Smoke news is out there...

Woke up today (after rolling in from Chicago in the middle of the night) to see that Variety had a piece on Warner Brothers and Matthew Fox being attached to Billy Smoke, an upcoming graphic novel I'm doing with Eric Kim for Oni.

When Hawaiian Dick was first optioned with Johnny Knoxville attached, it led to a ton of cheesy but entertaining headlines. A Google search reveals the same is the case here.

To whit:

Billy Smoke is Lost
Racer X Ponders Becoming Billy Smoke
"Lost' Star Matthew Fox spots "Smoke"
Fox Lights a Smoke
Where There's 'Smoke' There's Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox Inhales "Smoke"
Matthew Fox Smells WB's "Smoke"
Matthew Fox Spots "Smoke"

My favorite headline, though, is:

Lost Star to Play Unwritten Comic Character