Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Critical Chatter....

Chris Neisman passed this along, from the Around Comics forums, where Monster Magnet lead singer Dave Wyndorf is a listener and poster. I highlighted the key line for me:

"On the B.Clay Moore thing, sure he's pissed, can't blame him one bit. In the "no accountability" world of the internet, everybody's a DJ, everybody's a star and everybody's a critic.

As a working creator, it has to be frustrating to see his work "criticised" by amateurs and attention starved, reactionary morons.

Adept criticism is an art in itself. Opinions are just opinions. Sadly,the difference between these two gets fuzzier every day.

I wouldn't mind if he took shots at one idiot a day,every day. Criticise the "critics". See how they like it."