Monday, June 04, 2007

Atomic Revolving

Normally these days I'll sit on plans before making grand announcements, but Peck mentions something in his blog that I'll elaborate on. A year from now, we'll see if this post was prophetic or pathetic.

At this moment we have plans to produce an Atomic Revolver anthology, with an eye on a summer, 2008 release. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour will collaborate on a story, as will Peck and Jeremy Haun, as will I with Tony Moore.

We've all got extra junk lying around that'll probably go into the book, as well. I know Seth and Tony have some strips they want to do, and I'm sure Latour does, as well.

Once we finally get the AR site/blog up to full strength, I imagine we'll be more specific with what we're doing.

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Joel said...

I'm voting for prophetic.