Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Order? Champions?

So, I just read the Newsarama piece noting that Marvel was going to title Fraction's Champions book The Order, and, predictably, in the talk back section, fans are heralding it as a triumph for the "little guy" (Heroic Publishing).

I guess the fact that Marvel had the name first doesn't strike a chord with people willing to celebrate every perceived blow against the Empire. And the fact that Heroic hasn't exactly been churning out "Champions" masterpieces over the years doesn't register, either.

Personally, I wish Marvel had been able to use Champions as the title, just because it sounds better. And, you know, because they had it first.

Also, the whole issue has only served to drum up more publicity for the book (which, knowing Fraction, will immediately be the best book Marvel's debuted this year), so, you know...big guy wins. Again.

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