Thursday, June 14, 2007

There's Late and Then There's Not Arriving At All

I'd love to go to bed. It's 2:17 in the a.m., and I have lots of stuff that needs to be done in the morning.

But the germ of an idea is drifting around my head, and I feel like I need to roll with it a bit to see where it leads before hitting bed. An editor inadvertantly suggested the title of this new concept to me while making suggestions as to what he'd like to see me write. He's probably gonna fucking hate it, judging by the hee-whack ideas burbling around in the brainpan, but it may end up being pretty cool.


I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE I am not in Charlotte this weekend. I've never regretted skipping out on a con more than this one.

Big time pissy grumble.


Geoff said...

I did find it interesting that your not in Charlotte... always figured that was a given con for you. Maybe that was just Latour.

B. Clay Moore said...

My son turned one on Saturday, which was the biggest reason I didn't make it.

Ah, well. I didn't have anything to announce yet, anyway.