Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dick Inspiration

Poking around an old hard drive, I found a couple of drawings I'd done that indirectly led to HAWAIIAN DICK's creation. I think these must have been from around 2000 (I started developing HD in late 2001, I think, and Steven Griffin came on board in Spring of 2002).

I had this notion of an occult/supernatural investigative team made up of fifties archetypes, meeting in the suburbs surrounding a city known for its tendency to attract odd occurrences.

I did a couple of concept drawings, just playing around:

I haven't thought about the concept in years, so I'm not sure I can remember all the details. But I think I had a playboy, an ex-boxer, a trumpet player, a suburban architect and a suburban housewife in the cast. They'd hold meetings around the architect's backyard barbecue, and then convene to the paneled basement for cocktails and planning sessions. The housewife's husband would come along to the meetings and drink himself silly while the others plotted.

Anyway, kicking around the fifties, cocktails and the supernatural eventually led me to HAWAIIAN DICK.


Justin said...

It's fun to see your art again.

Joel said...

i put the Suburban Supernatural Seekers in my sig.