Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tales of Ashcans Past

Digging around some old files from old computers today, I stumbled across this photo:

I'd forgotten about this. I printed up some special ashcans for James Sime's Isotope Lounge in San Francisco, and if memory serves he used them in some contest or another. James was our first big-time supporter, God bless him. The "Bruised Kidney for a Hawaiian Dick" drink recipe in the first trade sprang from an Isotope contest.

The date on these is November of 2002, a month prior to the first issue shipping. Seems like ages ago that I was enthused about self-promotion ahead of the game.

Having said that, Scott Chantler's doing great work on the new Dick book. I'm about to polish up solicitation copy for the new series, which is always fun...

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