Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dick Down and So On

If you're browsing this blog's previous entries, you may notice some strange red X-like things. We're having trouble with the Hawaiian Dick server, so anything hosted there is unlikely to appear here for a bit.

Also...I just read a piece about Brittney Spears' robotic, awkward, slightly (and I mean slightly) overweight performace at the God-awful, what the fuck do we need these things for MTV Video Music Awards.

Is this what we're reduced to? Laughing at some poor girl who's desperately trying to find the right beat to dance to to get people to like her again? Why anyone in America longs for celebrity is beyond me. At some point we, as a society, decided that those in the public spotlight exist solely for our amusement, and when they falter, we can't spank our erections fast enough.

It's the same way in comics. Our disdain for artist A or artist B needs to be dragged onto message boards where we can tell fans of these artists how stupid they are for enjoying something. It's as if the haters have more fun hating than the fans have enjoying something. Then again, fans of artist A love nothing more than to spit on fans of artist B, so maybe everyone deserves each other.

I just feel sorry for the girl at this point. I don't see how she did anything to deserve the shit lobbed her way, but I guess that's what she gets for trying to, you know...entertain people.

If we don't like you, we love to hate you.

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