Friday, September 14, 2007


Griffin salvaged the server, so I can preview a few things here pretty soon. Sounds like we're about ready to drop some color Dick pages on the world, too.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty obsessive about comic book (and comic strip) history, almost regardless of era or genre. While looking for something to read the other day, I realized I have stacks of comic book magazines in my storage room. So I pulled out the first Top Shelf issue of Comic Book Artist (with a beautiful Neal Adams/Alex Ross Superman cover), and found an engaging article on Art Spiegelman and Bill Griffith's ARCADE magazine, which was an attempt to bring underground talent to newsstands in a magazine format.

That got me in an underground mood, which always makes me want to draw. I have too much to do for that, but I did want to share this beautiful Crumb cover from the Fall, 1975 issue of ARCADE:

If you're ever curious about the heyday of the undergrounds, I highly recommend this book:

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