Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Even Shots in the Dark Can Hit Their Mark...

So I'm pitching what I'd define as one of my very few "dream projects" in the DC/Marvel catalog. Talked with my editor about my desire to handle the property one day, and he was all for giving it a shot.

There are a few things that will surely work against it happening, but a boy can dream.

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Amazing Am├ęziane said...

there's nothing like doing a dream project.
IF they fail… eh what the heck,
it was impossible anyway.

IF you do it, you got a boner that last you an entire week.

i did one and almost fail.
did two book with favorite writer of mine (paco ignacio taibo 2),
did two book on a 5 parts project and sell like nothing.

so i live on a semi flacid one with a big smile.

love your hawaiian dick.