Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spandex Prose

Kenny D. Pendleton stopped by the Image boards to promote a kind of interesting site (well, I think so, anyway). It's a collection of covers for books (you know...with spines) featuring superheroes.

I think I'll steal some of his bandwidth! I read a bunch of these when I was young. Most of them really blew me away (possibly having something to do with my age at the time, I guess).

I've heard this Blackhawk paperback is kind of rare. I still have my copy on a shelf. Read it as a kid (despite some fairly adult sexual innuendo), and loved it:

Marvel published a bunch of novels in the late seventies/early eighties, and I read a handful of them. Something about the prose description of the costumes and the relatively mature depiction of their personalities really grabbed me. This Avengers book by David Michelinie is one I remember devouring when I was in...I dunno...fifth grade?:

Years later I mentioned it in an APA I was in, and a member of the APA sent me his copy. I've resisted the temptation to reread it up to now.

This collection of stories about Marvel heroes grabbed me, too. I especially remember the Avengers story (which Jim Shooter also scripted for the comic), and the Daredevil story. I loved the X-Men story, too, but I was an X-Men freak as a kid:

I also read these, and I dug them all, if not as much:

Sheesh. What a geek.

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