Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Already Fingered Copies

Hey! A second post, ten minutes later!

For super fun kicks, I thought I'd display the four books I snagged while signing at Vintage Stock this past weekend. I am a stone cold sucker for used bookstores.

I picked up three completely random comics. An old issue of Wonder Woman, from the days when she was wearing a white jumpsuit instead of her red, white and blue corset. I kind of dig the idea of that phase, even if the execution was sometimes lacking. Been reading WW for reference, so the book has been on my mind.

We were chatting a bit about Howard Chaykin this weekend, since he's drawing Jason Aaron's upcoming Wolverine one-shot. Saw this copy of Weird Worlds, featuring Chaykin's Iron-Wolf character (why the hyphen, Howie?), and decided to grab it.

Finally, I couldn't resist a nice looking copy of an old Brother Voodoo book (Strange Tales #170). I dig the concept of Brother Voodo, but I don't know if anyone's handled it well before. The original stories aren't bad, I guess. Nice moody Gene Colan art.

And I picked up a real book, too! Paperback collection of Dashiell Hammett stories (The Big Knockover). As is typical of shit from the seventies (although the original publication dte was 1966), I'm not sure how well organized the collection is, but I don't have any of Hammett's Continental Op stories on my bookshelf, so I thought I'd remedy that. The cover is 100% typical of seventies cover art. Big fonts, representative photograph.

This is the only copy I could find of it online. It's the version in the middle (1972):

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