Sunday, May 06, 2007

FCBD/Planet Comicon

It was good. Mainly I just like hanging out with the gang that was at the show.

The usual area suspects, of course...Jason Aaron, Tony Moore, Jeremy Haun and Matt Fraction, including lunch Saturday with Tony, Matt (and Kelly Sue), Jeremy and Jason and Nathan Hurley, followed by dinner tonight with the same crew (minus Kelly Sue plus Andy Kuhn and Phil R. from Vintage Stock in Joplin).

Also Phil Hester in town, and Ande Parks for a day. Throw in Andy Kuhn, Brian Hurtt, Chris Samnee, and assorted local boys (Jai Nitz, Dave Bryant, Sean Gebhardt, Ed Lavallee, Dan Spottswood, Travis Fox, Josh Cotter, the gang from Elite Comics), and a surprise appearance by my sister and her daughter Reece, and I couldn't ask for a better crew to spend a couple of days with.

And, of course, always cool to meet people interested in the work. Lots of nice folks dropping by to pick up a book or snag a signature. I moved a ton of HAWAIIAN DICK trades. Moreso that anything else.

There's still life in the Dick.

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