Monday, May 14, 2007

Life is a funny old thing

I've got my troubles...some of which are quite pressing and could cause real, serious trouble.

BUT...careerwise, things are finally getting to a point that feels right. I've always sort of made a point of following my own muse, assuming, that if I did my own thing and did it well, good things would happen. As a result, I've never been much of a door-knocker or phone caller. I'll follow up with editors who've shown interest in my work, but I'm not the guy to pester them weekly for work or send them pictures of my children with "FEED US!" scrawled across in red marker.

And, you know what? It's worked.

What's amazing about where I am now is that I've been able to do high profile work featuring characters and themes that I want to play with.

And now I'm about to formally pitch a book featuring old school pulp themes (one of my favorite playgrounds), collaborating with an artist whose work had a profound influence on my development, long before I embarked upon the comics career path. It's creator-owned, and so far has been a ton of fun to kick around.

There are times the comics industry can drag me down, but when I realize it's possible to do what you want with people you want to work with, and to do it for the top publishers in the industry, with solid marketing, and every chance in the world to succeed--it's hard to think of many other industries I'd rather be involved with.


Breezy warm spring days like today make it hard to stress out over even the biggest problems in life. Instead I've got the phone turned off and some very mellow music spinning as the sunlight wanes.

James Yorkton's The Year of the Leopard is one such disc. Sleepy, warm folk music. With song titles like "Us Late Travellers," I think you get the idea.

Another disc that fits the mood is the Innocence Mission's latest, We Walked in Song. I'm in love with the album cover...

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